Wearing Your Rudraksha
for the first time

Wearing Rudraksha first time

Rudraksha need to be purified and energized before they are worn. This is done by chanting of Rudrabhishek and Pran-pratishtha mantras and washing the beads and offering incense, sandal paste and other offerings.

Common mantra for all mukhi is “Om Namah Shivaya”

Rudraksha can be taken off neck and worn again anytime while chanting these mantras a minimum of 5 times.

Poojan or Energising Rudraksha should be done at regular intervals, as recommended by shastras. The shastras recommends two different vidhis for energizing Rudraksha which is being elaborated below.

Process 1 (Easy Ritual):

Choose an auspicious day or any Monday for wearing..
Following is the simple ritual to be followed for Rudraksha wearing or worshipping:

  • Wash or sprinkle Rudraksha / mala with Gangajal or pure water.
  • Apply sandalwood paste.
  • Offer incense / dhoop.
  • Offer any white flower
  • Touch the Rudraksha to a Shiv Ling or Lord Shiva's photo and chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' for a minimum of 11 times and thereafter Rudraksha can be worn or placed at puja place.

Process 2 (Detailed Ritual):

For an elaborate Rudraksha pujan or consecration following procedure is to be followed:
Consecration may be done by the wearer, his Guru or a priest.

Arrange the following items:

Panchgavya - Mix of cow's dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd. In absence of this, use Panchamrit which is mix of unboiled milk, honey, sugar, ghee and curd.

Gangajal in a achamani pot with Kusha grass or a spoon for sprinkling. In absence of Gangajal, clean pure water may be used.

  • 9 leaves of peepal tree arranged on a plate.
  • Plate for offerings to be placed during puja.
  • Dhoop, Incense sticks.
  • Camphor and lamp
  • Sandal paste, Aromatic oil.
  • Rice grains preferably mixed with Asthagandha.
  • Ghee lamp (one wick)
  • Offerings –(cloth, flower, fruit, betel- nut, betel-leaves, coconut.)

Pooja Vidhi

After bath, with a calm and clean body and pure mind sit on an Asan (mat or clean carpet) facing east.

Wash Rudraksha with Panchagavya or Panchamrit and then wash with water / Gangajal

Place Rudraksha in a plate over the 9 leaves of Peepal tree. Place an empty plate in front of this plate for offerings. Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” 3 times.

Sprinkle water over yourself and all items of Puja and chant

“Om ApavitrahPavitroVaSarvaVastanGatopiVa Yah SmaretPundariKaksham SaBahyaBhyantarah Shushed”

“Om GurubhyoNamaha, Om GaneshayaNamaha, Om Kula DevatabhyoNamaha, Om Ishta Devatabhyo Namaha, Om Mata PitribhyamNamaha”

Place water on right hand with spoon of Achamani and sip after each of these 3 mantras
“Om KeshavayaNamaha, Om Narayanaya Namaha, Om MadhavayaNamaha”

Put water on right hand and pour on ground:
“Om GovindayaNamaha”

Do three short rounds of Pranayama breaths.
“Om PranavasyaParabrahmaRishihiParamatmaDevataDaiviGayatriChandahaPranayamaeViniyogaha”

Sprinkle water on Rudraksha with Kusha grass or a spoon from Achamani
“Om SadyojaatamPrapadyaamiSadyojataajavaNamoNamahaBhaveBhavenaatiBhaveBhavasvamaamBhavodbhavayNamaha”

Take a flower and dip in Sandal paste and aromatic oils and touch on the beads
“Om VamdevayaNamah, JyeshthaayNamah, ShreshthayNamah, RudraayNamah, KaalayNamah, Kala VikarannaayNamah, BalVikaranaayNamah, BalaahNamah, BalaPramathanaayNamah, SarvaBhootDamanaayNamah, ManomanaayNamah.”

Offer Dhoop to the Rudraksha beads
“Om AghorebhyoGhorebhyoGhorGhorTarebhayahaSarvebhyaSarvaSharvvebhyo Namaste Astu Rudra Roopebhyana”

Again take a flower and dip in sandal paste and touch on beads
“Om TatpurushaayaVidmaheMahadevaayDheemahiTannoRudrahaPrachodayaat”

Chant Eeeshan mantra
“Om EeshaanahSarvavidyaanamEeshwarSarvabhootaanaamBrahmaadipatiBrahmanaadhipati Brahma ShivomeAstuSadaaShivom”

Chant Gayatri mantra 3 times
“Om BhurBhuvahSwaha Om Tat SaviturVarenyumBhargoDevasyaDhimahiDhiyoYonahaPrachodayat”

Chant Surya mantra 3 times
“Om Bhu Om Bhuvaha Om Swaha Om Maha Om Janaha Om Tapaha Om Satyam” Repeat and touch each after each mantra, right eye, left eye, forehead “Om Apo Jyothi RasoAmtritam Brahma BhuBhuvahaSwarom”

Chant Mahamrityunjaya mantra 5 times and offer rice to a plate before Rudraksha after each round
“Om HaumJoomSah, Om BhurBhuvahaSwaha, Om TriambakamYajamaheySugandhimPushtiVardhanam, UrvarUkamivaBandhanan, MrityorMoksheeyaMamritat, Om SwahaBhuvahaBhu Om SahJoomHaum Om”

Chant Beeja mantra 9 times each
Om NamahShivaya, Om HreemNamah, Om Namah, Om KleemNamah Om HreemNamah, Om Hreem Hum Namah, Om Hum Namah, Om KromKshom Rom Namah

Bow or supplicate, then chant this last prayer :
Om Purnamadapurnamidamprunadpurnamudyachite Purnasyapurnamadayapurnamevayashishyate Om Shanti ShantiShanti

The blessed and energised Rudraksha can now be worn on the body as specified or placed at worshipping place.

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    Ms. Dimple Kapadia (Actress)
  • Rudraksha beads procured from Rudralife are divine and powerful, I shall be happy to recommend your beads to others

    Shri G.V.G. Krishnamurthy
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