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Dr. Tanay SeethaAbout

Dr. Tanay Seetha was born in a religious and pious Brahmin family devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. From an early age, he was very much fascinated by various aspects of ancient Indian culture. He is an Electrical engineering graduate and has held leadership positions in the corporate world in Indian & multinational companies. He was in Indonesia for six years. 

His incessant pursuit for Rudraksha culminated in founding of Rudralife in 2001, to carry forward his dream of spreading the message about Rudraksha to the masses. He is recognized as an expert on Rudraksha, especially for his uniquely devised system of recommendation based on Astro-Numerology. Lastly, Dr. Tanay Seetha, founder of Rudralife, firmly believes that his journey to promote Rudraksha for the benefit of all was a divine intervention and his destiny.


Dr. Tanay Seetha is on an ongoing mission to unravel the mysteries of Rudraksha and its innumerable benefits. Under his guidance, Rudralife has hosted more than over 900+ exhibitions in India and abroad to ensure personal interaction with people and make them understand the auspiciousness of the bead and its benefits.


Celebrating these many years of Dr. Tanay Seetha’s leadership and his pursuance, Rudralife is offering a 15% discount on the special occasion of Founder’s week. 

Founder’s week offer is valid till 21st January 2021, prior to the Maha Bhadrashtami Devi Pujan.
All the products purchased during the Founders week, will be energized in the Puja of Maha Bhadrashtami Devi Pujan which is held on 21st January 2021 and will be dispatched on the 22nd January 2021.

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What Clients SayTestimonial

Mr Vijay Tiwari – Mumbai

I have been associated with Rudralife and Tanay Ji for several years now and over a period of time I have been taking Rudrakshas and by grace of God I have completed my Indra mala. Puja Sanskar started by Rudralife is a phenomenal initiative, where your Sankalp is taken by Pundits who are well versed, they do everything with the Vedic Vidhi and you can see the Puja online. The experience has been very phenomenal. I would suggest in situations of Covid-19 we are able to see the Puja online and are able to give the Sankalp online. It is a great experience, I wish them well and I do wish very many people get benefited from it.

Shri Khagenbhai Patel

I am wearing 16m, 17m, 18m, 19m, 21m and Trijuti Rudraksha given by Tanaybhai. No words can describe the fantastic results after wearing these powerful Rudraksha.

Mehul choksi

I entirely appreciate your compassion and working towards the worshipping of Lord Shiva in the right manner. It’s been long since I have been your customer and I am really happy with the prompt responses and all the Rudraksha's that I have purchased from you.

Shri.Hariwardhan Kansariwala - Leading Chartered Accountant - Surat

“I am glad that I happen to meet Mr.Tanay Seetha who suggested me the best suited Rudraksha considering my profession and other aspects. Today. I am wearing Rudraksha from 1to17mukhis it has had an overall positive bearing on my life.”

Ms. Amrapali Singhania - J. K. Synthetics (Raymond Group)

I have been consulting Mr. Tanay Seetha not only on astrological aspects for wearing Rudraksha but also consult him on other aspects like gems stones and Vaastu related issues, I find his honest and practical approach very commendable.