Pujas for January 2021

Paush Maas is the 10 th month as per the Hindu calendar. Paush means to nourish or nourishing, thus this month is considered a good month. This month is purely dedicated to spiritual practices and no auspicious functions like marriage or Gruhapravesh are performed.

Performing any Puja, meditation or prayers in this month are very effective. This period marks the early hours of the morning or pre- dawn for the Devtas. As it is the pre-dawn period for the celestials they are very alert and quick to respond to prayers.

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Nav Varsh Shubhlaabh Pujan

01-1-2021 Sankashti (Friday)

For the most auspicious beginning of the year 2021, Rudralife is organizing a Puja for prosperity, success and good health. As per numerology the year 2021 totals to number 5 with the controlling planet being Budh (Mercury). Shri Ganesh being the Lord of Gyaan (wisdom) and Buddhi (intellect) will be worshipped with Ganesh Atharva Sheersh Stotra. This Puja ensures Subh (auspiciousness) and Laabh (gains) throughout the year. Lord Shiva’s Rudrabhishek and Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra Jaap protect us from fear of death and is extremely beneficial for Aarogya or good health. So let us begin the New Year with a Nav Varsh Shubhlaabh Pujan.

Description: Shodash Matruka, Ganesh, Navagrah, Rudra, and Pradhan Mandal Sthapan. Ganesh Mahabhishek with Atharva Sheersh, Devi Mahabhishek with Sri Suktam, Rudrabhishek, Navagrah Abhishek with Vedic Mantras, Maha Mrutyunjay Jaap, Shaanti Paath, Punya Vaachan and Aarti.

Benefit: This Puja confers prosperity and removes hurdles and obstacles. It is also good for removing fears and phobias and is very effective in bestowing good health.

Timing for Sankalp: 11:15 A.M. (Amrut Yog)

# No Of Pandit Domestic Overseas
1 3 ₹ 3501/- ₹ 6001/-
Prasad: Rudraksh Mala (108 + 1), energized Heera Sankh and dry fruits.
Note: Heera Shankh is a natural, right sided conch fossilized shell. Keeping a Heera Shankh at the Puja place is said to confer the blessings of Devi Mahalaxmi and Lord Vishnu.

Makar Sankranti

14-1-2021 (Monday)

Uttarayan or Makarsankranti is celebrated to honour Surya or Sun and to pay tribute to him and it is celebrated all over India. It is because of Surya’s light, energy and warmth that life exists on earth. Makar Sankranti involves the movement of the Sun from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere, from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. It is also known as the harvest festival. To the Hindus, the Sun stands for knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. Makarsankranti signifies that we should turn away from the darkness of delusion in which we live and begin to joyously let the light within us glow brightly. Thus we should grow in the terms of purity, wisdom and knowledge just as the Sun.

Description:Gauri Ganesh Pujan, Punya Vaachan, Surya Abhishek with Surya Sukta Aavartan, Aditya Hrudaya Stotra Paath , Shaanti Paath, Punya Vaachan and Aarti.

Benefit: A belief associated with the holy dip is that Lord Vishnu as Surya Narayan himself comes down to take a dip in the Triveni and therefore anyone who bathes there is blessed with his grace. Makarsankranti Puja can derive benefits of higher consciousness, good health, prosperity and spiritual energy. Offerings that are made during this period tend to give better results.

Timings for Sankalp: 12:50 P.M (Laabh Yog)

# No Of Pandit Domestic Overseas
1 2 ₹ 1501/- ₹ 4001/-
Prasad: Rudraksha Mala (27 + 1) and dry fruits.

Vinayak Chaturthi Pujan

16-1-2021 Vinayak Chaturthi (Saturday)

Lord Ganesh is worshipped and offerings are made to Lord Ganesh during this time. This day is observed in every lunar month of the Hindu calendar. Worshipping Lord Ganesh on this day helps us to emerge victorious while dealing with tough situations.

Description: Swasti Vaachan, Varun Pujan, Punya Vaachan, Mahabhishek with Ganesh Atharvasheersha Ekadash Aavartan, Ashtottar Shat Durvaarchan Prayog, Aarti and Pushpanjali.

Benefit: With the help of this Puja the negative energies are eradicated and peace prevails in the house. It helps in removing all obstacles related to wealth and overcomes difficulties. Helps in finding inner joy and peace of mind, and stay stable in life. One can also opt for an energized Ganesh Rudraksha along with this Puja. One can keep this Rudraksha in the Puja place or can wear it around the neck as it is effective in removing hurdles and obstacles.

Timing for Sankalp: 2:15 P.M (Laabh Yog)

# No Of Pandit Domestic Overseas
1 3 ₹ 1501/- ₹ 4001/-
Prasad: Prasad: Durva, Rudraksha Mala (27 + 1) and dry fruits.

Maha Bhadrashtami Devi Pujan

21-1-2021 (Thursday)

This is the eight day of the waxing phase or Shukla Paksha. Maha Bhadrashtami Devi Pujan holds value equivalent to the worship that is done on all the nine days of the Navratri. When Devi Durga decided to annihilate the demon Mahishasur, all the Devatas including Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh gave her their divine weapons. The day was Ashtami and therefore the day came to be known as the day of Astra Puja. It is also known as Virashtami as this day heralds the courage and valour of Devi Durga.

Description:Swasti Vaachan, Varun Pujan, Punya Vaachan, Ashtottar Shat Namavali Raktapushparchan, Shodashopchar Pujan, Devi Kavach Paath Aarti and Pushpanjali.

Benefit: This Puja when performed overcomes evils and negativity. It is also believed that, one who undergoes a fast with full dedication gets the desired results. It refines personal relationship, self-confidence and harmony, and shields one from ailments. It enhances one’s energy and courage.

Timings for Sankalp: 12:52 P.M (Laabh Yog)

# No Of Pandit Domestic Overseas
1 2 ₹ 1501/- ₹ 4001/-
Prasad: Rudraksha Mala (27 + 1) and dry fruits.

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Disclaimer: Wearing Rudraksha is a matter of faith and belief. All information provided is based on the scriptures, published books and individual experiences. Rudralife guarantees the quality of the beads and not the effects. Wearer discretion is advised.