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Navratri is a festival that celebrates the nine holy nights and worshipping nine different aspects of Goddess Durga. According to the scriptures she is the embodiment of strength and the destroyer of evil forces. This festival invokes the divine energy in her protective aspect.

In Bengal she is worshipped with much fervor as Durga and Kali. Grand social gatherings are accompanied by festivities. In the Sundarbans she is worshipped as Banadurga (Goddess of the forests). In Gujarat this festival takes on a colorful and musical shade with the Garbha for nine nights. Ghatasthapna (establishing a sacred Kalash) is a ritual very popular in Maharashtra. Each Devi is dressed up in different colors and worshipped with flowers, fruits and vermilion on all the nine days. These colors are also worn by women to celebrate the energy of the Goddess. Especially In the south households who have daughters keep the “Golu”. Here dolls of various deities are arranged on wooden steps and worshipped, and Haldi Kumkum is offered to visiting women. In north India the popular ritual is performing the Mata Ki Chowki and offering beautiful red Chunree to the Goddess. The festival is celebrated across the globe by the NRI community as each person who is connected to the Goddess constantly seeks her benevolence and affection.

Lord Shiva is referred to as Raatrivallabha in scriptures. Shivratri is dedicated to him. Not surprisingly his divine consort Goddess Parvati is the feminine energy who is worshipped in different forms in Navratri (nine nights). Observing a fast, eating festive food, chanting Mantras, singing bhajans, and meditating silently on her form are some of the rituals that people follow. It is believed that as Goddess Annapurna when she is worshipped and offered food grains during Navratri she bestows the devotee with plentiful food for generations. People also plant food grains in a soil and immerse the same pot after nine days.

Donating food, clothes, books, money, utensils, Rudraksha beads, Raktachandan Mala, Sphatik Mala, Lotus seed Mala and other things associated with this divine energy amounts to tremendous positive Karma during this time. It is believed that Mahakali, Maha Laxmi and Maha Saraswati reside in the home of the person who practices these acts as per the scriptures.

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Dussehra (19th October 2018)

10th day of Navratri is celebrated as Dusshera. This day marks the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, he slayed Ravana on this day. Legend has it that Ravana; the mighty ruler of Lanka was from the lineage of Lord Brahma. His knowledge and devotion to Lord Shiva helped him procure Lord Shiva’s blessings. His arrogance and strength were known as the cause of his downfall. This story also has a lesser known side to this. Ravana secretly sought to meet his end by the hands of a worthy divine energy. Lord Rama an Avatar of Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman was an Avatar of Lord Shiva, together caused the end of Ravana.

After nine holy nights of Navratri, a golden dawn marks the holy day of Dussehra. People rise early and after a bath worship Lord Rama and celebrate his victory over Ravana. In some parts of India an effigy of Ravana is built and burnt on that day. This act symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. The 16 mukhi Rudraksha called as Jai Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is the presiding deity of the 11 mukhi. It is considered extremely auspicious to wear these Rudraksha on Dussehra. People also wear a combination of 9, 10 and 11 mukhi Rudraksha as a protection power combination graced by the Navdurgas, 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman.

Though the nine days of Navratri are dedicated to Navdurgas a lesser known fact is that the 10th day known as Dussehra / Vijaya Dashami is supremely blessed by Vijaya Lakshmi. So bright is her form and infinite grace that anybody who invokes her on this day is known to experience victory. Goddess Lakshmi showers her blessings on the 7 mukhi Rudraksha. It is also very auspicious to wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha with the 16 or 10 mukhi on the day of Dussehra. Rudraksha are auspicious divine beads that can be worn by anyone on auspicious occasions to harness the universal power of the Almighty.

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