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Free Astro-Numerology: A Tribute to the Goddess of Knowledge
(Our USP that benefits all our customers)
  • In ancient Vedic scriptures Goddess Saraswati is considered as the mother of all knowledge. Here knowledge implies awareness of the Vedas that were the original source of creativity and scientific principles. “ Vedanaam Maatram Pashya Devim Saraswatim ” clearly invokes the grace of Saraswati by establishing her as the dynamic power of progressive knowledge. When intellect and progress are aided by knowledge the quality of life improves. This is the reason why people who practice ancient Vedic Astrology are experts in making a qualitative analysis of human life.

  • Now to understand this let us explore the root of this knowledge right from the birth of a human being on Earth.

  • When a child is born its existence on Earth is established. At that exact time an energetic pattern made of cosmic vibrations is formed connected by invisible etheric lines. These lines join the frequencies of the 9 planets in the solar system and the energy body of the child. Now manually drawing this pattern on paper to determine the qualitative analysis of the child’s overall health, wealth and life patterns requires knowledge of Astrology. This is the true essence of Vedic Astrology and this is how a birth chart is made. Based on the place of birth, date of birth and time of birth; a good astrologer can determine the effect of planetary vibrations on an individual’s life. Also how the individual should take advantage of beneficial planets or phases can be analyzed. Astrology can find the malefic planets and low phases where an individual needs to wait patiently till the moment passes by. An Astrologer will also suggest relevant divinations to be worn by the individual to nullify the malefic effects of planets.

  • Numbers in an individual birth chart can also give a clear blueprint of the sacred map of life. Each number is associated with a planet and a deity. Now combining Astro-numerology for qualitative analysis of life can be a formidable combination when done by experts in this field. In ancient texts Lord Shiva has been addressed as Grahadhipati (Lord of the Planets). The Rudraksha beads originate from the eyes of this compassionate God as per scriptures. They exist from 1 to 21 Mukhi and each bead is assigned a deity from the Hindu Pantheon. Each Rudraksha has the power to control the malefic effect of a particular planet. If worn in a combination it can also harness beneficial planetary energy while arresting the malefic effects simultaneously. It is very interesting to note that scriptures have emphasized the power of Rudraksha for leading a stress free, healthy, wealthy life fearlessly before the soul experiences Moksha/liberation. Astro-numerology is the most accurate way to experience this.

  • Now, if a particular knowledge is this beneficial why are we offering it for free? There are some reasons for this! For us Goddess Saraswati is the divine maternal energy who graces us to gain divine knowledge to harness the power of Astrology. Her blessings are priceless for anybody who works in divining to enhance the quality of human life. Attaching a price to divine knowledge used for aiding others is not advisable as knowledge from a divine source is priceless. Divine grace ceases to exist when the art of divining comes with a price tag.

  • सर्वद्रव्येषु विद्यैव द्रव्यमाहुरनुत्तमम् । अहार्यत्वादनर्ध्यत्वादक्षयत्वाच्च सर्वदा ॥

  • Amongst all that is valuable; Knowledge ( Vidya ) is invaluable, unconquerable and it can be destroyed. It can never be bought or sold but only imparted.

  • This is the reason we do not charge anything for Astro-numerology consultation and offer it as a free service. This service is the unique selling proposition (USP) of our organization “Rudralife”, a pioneer in supplying the best quality of Nepal Rudraksha. So do remember to avail this free and powerful art of divining (Astro-numerology) while purchasing Rudraksha.