Care / Precautions &
Maintaining the Rudraksha

Care & Precautions

Rudraksha can be worn by all (Men, Women & Children) on a regular basis. There is no taboo while wearing Rudraksha. The mala should be taken off during sex, bowel movements, going to funeral grounds and menstrual cycle. The mala can also be taken off while taking bath as regular soap and water can dehydrate the beads orwhile taking bath care has to be taken to prevent damage and to avoid contact with soap. It is hence recommended to take off the mala at night and wear it in the morning after a bath, while chanting "Om NamahShivay" mantra.

The beads should be kept clean and free from deposits of sweat and talcIf the beads need cleaning after regular wear, they should be dipped inwarm water overnight. Then they should be scrubbed thoroughly using a plastic brush. Lastly, they should be washed with normal water and should be allowed to dry. After the beads have dried any vegetable oil has to be applied on the beads (using a small toothbrush). Thereafter Incense and sandal paste has to be offered and the seed mantra for the Rudraksha beads has to chanted. Once in 3 or 4 months little camphor powder has to be applied over the beads. It will help keep insects away.

Rudraksha are very strong beads and have a life span of hundreds of years and if maintained properly and can be handed over through generations.

Client Say's

  • I have recently bought a "saraswati bandh" from the Rudralife exhibition in Kolkata. I am happy with the product.

    Mr. Krishnendu Das Roy
  • “I have been consulting Mr. Tanay Seetha not only on astrological aspects for wearing Rudraksha but also consult him...

    Ms. Amrapali Singhania (J. K. Synthetics) (Raymond Group)
  • Dear rudralife, thank you for your kind suggestion and rudraksha recommendations. I am glad to be in touch with your organisation and getting the best possible solutions for life. Sending you best wishes,

    Mr. Jigyasa Sharma
  • Rudraksha from Mr. Tanay are very fascinating."

    Ms. Dimple Kapadia (Actress)
  • Rudraksha beads procured from Rudralife are divine and powerful, I shall be happy to recommend your beads to others

    Shri G.V.G. Krishnamurthy
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