Rudraksha in Feng Shui Vs Rudraksha in Indian Vastu

Rudraksha in Feng Shui Vs Rudraksha in Indian Vastu

Rudraksha in Feng Shui  Vs Rudraksha in Indian Vastu

The Rudraksha, a gift of Lord Shiva, is gaining popularity in China for its use in Feng Shui, also known as Chinese Vastu. Rudraksha is considered to be the Eye of Shiva, which is compared to Dzi Beads also known as Heaven’s Pearls. The image of the eye has always been a very powerful symbol in all ancient cultures. The eye is vigilant, all-seeing and protective.

In Fengshui, Rudraksha is often used for two main purposes - Wealth and Protection

Rudraksha Fengshui Cure is also gaining popularity these days as the magnetic properties of Rudraksha works well as healing agents. Rudraksha beads are put on the altar, and often worn by them as bracelets for more peaceful, calm and sacred energy to the wearer. Despite both Indian culture as well as Chinese culture differ in their ideology, both have realized the supreme power of Rudraksha and using the same as a part of Energy Vastu.

History of Chinese Culture believes that Lord Buddha was wearing a Rudraksha Bead at the time of enlightenment and it also has its mention in "Diamond Sutra while in Indian Culture Rudraksha is used to connect with your higher self and enhance spirituality. The science of Feng Shui revolves around the energy Chi which comprises of Yin and Yang – The balance of Negative and Positive Energy. Feng Shui stands for Wind and Water energy. While wind has the power of dissipation, water has the property of accumulation. Overall Feng Shui focuses on balance of energies for better surroundings.

Rudraksha on the other hand is known for its magnetic properties which helps one enhance the spiritual power and connect with the higher self.  Rudraksha is also known for its joint image of Shiva and Shakti and blesses the wearer with Unity and Oneness. It bestows harmony in all kinds of relationships.  There are various Rudraksha ranging from 1-21 Mukhi wherein each one has it's own unique benefits. Rudraksha bead can be recommended in accordance to the science of numerology and astrology.

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