The Sacred Bead for this Raksha Bandhan

Rudraksha-The Sacred Bead for this Raksha Bandhan

Every festival in our country has its own beauty and charm, whether it’s the vibrant colors of Holi, or the divine glow of Diwali or the dhols of Gokulashtami. These festivals bring the entire family and neighborhood together in unity. There is however, one festival that brings in respect, love and joy for one another and that is Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is a festival where the essence of love between a brother and sister grows in abundance and grievances are forgotten. The bond between a brother and sister is unique and there are no words that can describe the relationship.

Raksha Bandhan literally means ‘the bond of protection, care and obligation’. It symbolizes the unmatched love, respect and care between siblings. The festival conveys the message of nurturing qualities that are positive, thoughts that are pure in deed and word.

About a month before the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan begin, the markets are decorated with colorful and attractive Rakhis. Rakhis are considered sacred and in the form of a thread or amulet that sisters tie around the wrist of their brothers symbolically asking them for protection and sharing the responsibility of taking care of them. No matter what type of rakhi is chosen, it is the sentiment that is most invaluable. A simple silk thread becomes as precious as an expensively decorated rakhi to the brother.

The ritual of decorating a thali with kumkum, haldi and rice and applying a tilak on the forehead of brothers, tying the sacred thread around the wrist and the desire of every sister to be showered with gifts binds the relationship in an emotional bond of selfless love. The warmth of this relationship fortifies the entire family together.

The bond between a brother and sister can be further nourished by the power of a bead known as Rudraksha which is sacred and divine. Every Rudraksha is a bead of protection. A rakhi made with Rudraksha beads will bless the relation between brother and sister and will bless the brother with a healthy and prosperous life. As a mark of love and respect, a brother can also gift their sisters bracelets made with Rudraksha beads. The Durga Shakti Bracelet is one of the best bracelets that a brother can gift his sister. The bracelet is made with 9 Mukhi Rudraksha and is blessed by Goddess Durga in all her nine forms. The bracelet can help empower and bless the wearer with health and wealth.

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As Raksha Bandhan is falling in the holy month of Shravan it is even more beneficial to wear a Rudraksha as the wearer comes under the direct protection and blessing of Lord Shiva.

So, on this Raksha Bandhan, tie a rakhi made with Rudraksha, the sacred bead, to nurture the love and affection between brother and sister.