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Dr. Tanay Seetha - Founder Of Rudralife
Dr. Tanay Seetha, founder of Rudralife, firmly believes that his mission to promote Rudraksha for the benefit of all was a Divine intervention and his destiny.Read More


  • vijayalakshmi

    Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Ph.D

    Mind Power Trainer & Counsellor,
    (MD & Trainer, Alpha Mind Power (P) Ltd.)
  • Dr. Anand Bhalerao

    Dr. Anand Bhalerao

    Bharati Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering,
  • Kuniyil Kailashnathan

    Mr. Kuniyil Kailashnathan

    (Chief Principal Secretary to CM)
  • sanjay tanna

    Mr. Sanjay Tanna

    (Businessman / Member of Parliament,
    Tororo Municipality, Uganda)
  • Pallavi Shroff

    Ms. Pallavi Shroff

    (Managing Partner
    - Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.)
  • manish patel

    Mr. Manish K. Patel

    (Chairman & Managing Director
    - Aakash Group)
  • Prakash C Bisht

    Mr. Prakash C Bisht

    - Jubliant Foods)
  • chetan chug

    Mr. Chetan Chug

    Founder & CEO - Somika SARL)
  • Rahul Agrawal

    Mr. Rahul Agrawal

    (Owner, Comesum Group)
  • sachin deshmukh

    Mr. Sachin Deshmukh

    (Head of Legal Dept -
    Neptune Group)
  • ashish balram nagpal

    Mr. Ashish Balram Nagpal

    (Art Dealer)
  • vishwas mulki

    Mr. Vishwas Mulki

    (Lead Volunteer -
    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's)
  • dimple kapadia

    Ms. Dimple Kapadia

  • p.r singh

    Captain. P. R. Singh

    ((Ex Indian Air Force officer & Senior Captain
    - Indigo Airlines)
  • shardul shroff

    Mr. Shardul S. Shroff (LL.B)

    (Executive Chairman of Shardul
    Amarchand Mangaldas & Co)
  • shreemat pandey

    Mr. Shreemat Pandey

    (IAS,Rajasthan Cadre, 1984 Batch & Chairman of Rajasthan Knowledge
    Corporation Limited)
  • amitabh jhunjhunwala

    Mr. Amitabh Jhunjhunwala

    (Group Managing Director and Director, Reliance
    - ADA Group Limited)
  • p.v shetty

    Dr. P.V.Shetty

    (Jt. Hon. Secretary
    - Mumbai Cricket Association)
  • t.s krishnamurthy

    Mr. T. S. Krishnamurthy

    (Ex. Chief Election
    Commissioner of India)
  • karan paul

    Mr. Karan Paul

    (Chairman of the Apeejay
    Surrendra Group)
  • ashok wadhwa

    Mr. Ashok Wadhwa

    Group CEO of Ambit Group
  • saikrishna rajagopal

    Mr. Saikrishna Rajagopal

    Managing Partner, Saikrishna & Associates
  • arun patel

    Mr. Arun Patel

    (Samarth Builder)
  • moksha priya

    Ms. Moksha Priya

    (Founder Trustee -
    Vedic Heritage)
  • manish maheshwari

    Mr. Manish Maheshwari

    (CEO - Exploration and
    Production(E&P) of Essar Oil)
  • manisha singh

    Adv.Manisha Singh

    Advocate and Founder Partner LexOrbis Law Firm)
  • k.k sharma

    Adv.K K Sharma

    (Senior Advocate of Supreme Court K k Sharma Offices)
  • ajay kumar

    HR Ajay Kumar

    (Director - HRG Group)
  • atmaram nadkarni

    Adv. Atmaram Nadkarni

    (Additional Solicitor
    General(Supreme Court)
  • manoj bajpayee

    Manoj Bajpayee

    (Film Actor - Bollywood)
  • daler mehndi

    daler mehndi


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Rudraksha: 1 - 21 Mukhi Genuine Lab Tested Beads Online|Rudralife

Rudraksha is a multi-faceted bead which is procured from the 'Elaeocarpus ganitrus' tree. This tree usually takes up to 18 years to grow to its full potential. Rudraksha beads are strung together as a mala or worn singularly in a pendant. These beads are known to bestow the wearer with good health, financial wellbeing & spiritual benefits. These beads can be worn by individuals of any faith or religious backgrounds. Rudrakshas are natural seeds which possess powerful electro-magnetic properties. They are known to benefit the wearer by controlling stress and blood pressure. Rudraksha can also improve blood flow and circulation. These beads have never caused any malefic effects to the wearer and hence are worn by everyone. A typical bead can range between 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi. Rare instances of beads ranging from 22 Mukhi to 27 Mukhi have occurred and the 'Nepal' variety of these Rudraksha beads is in possession of Rudralife.

  1. Wearing Rudraksha - Rudraksha need to be purified and energized before they are worn. This is done by chanting of Rudrabhishek and Pran-pratishtha mantras and washing the beads and offering incense, sandal paste and other offerings.  Know more

  2. Rudraksha Care & Precaution - Rudraksha are very strong beads and have a life span of hundreds of years and if maintained properly and can be handed over through generations.  Know more

  3. Rudraksha Myths - By wearing these beads one experiences tranquillity, peace of mind, focus and concentration. This state of mind is equally ideal for meditation as well as for any other mind related activity by modern day professionals.  Know More

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Client Say's

  • I have recently bought a "saraswati bandh" from the Rudralife exhibition in Kolkata. I am happy with the product.

    Mr. Krishnendu Das Roy
  • “I have been consulting Mr. Tanay Seetha not only on astrological aspects for wearing Rudraksha but also consult him...

    Ms. Amrapali Singhania (J. K. Synthetics) (Raymond Group)
  • Dear rudralife, thank you for your kind suggestion and rudraksha recommendations. I am glad to be in touch with your organisation and getting the best possible solutions for life. Sending you best wishes,

    Mr. Jigyasa Sharma
  • Rudraksha from Mr. Tanay are very fascinating."

    Ms. Dimple Kapadia (Actress)
  • Rudraksha beads procured from Rudralife are divine and powerful, I shall be happy to recommend your beads to others

    Shri G.V.G. Krishnamurthy
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Scientific Testing of rudraksha at Rudralife

To Visit Rudraksha Research and Testing Laboratory

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Trademark Registered Products Of Rudralife

  • Indra Mala - Rudralife

    This combination consists of 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi, Gaurishankar, Ganesh, Sawar and Trijuti rudraksha, strung face to face and tail ...

    View More
  • Siddha Mala - Rudralife

    This mala is a combination of 1 to 14 mukhis, Gaurishankar and Ganesh rudraksha strung face to face and tail to tail as stated...

    View More
  • Saraswati Bandh - Rudralife
    Saraswati Bandh ®

    This combination consists of 2 beads of 4 mukhi and 1 bead of 6 mukhi rudraksha. It is specially designed for students. It increases mental...

    View More
  • Swasthya Bandh - Rudralife

    This combination consists of two beads of 3 mukhi and three beads of 5 mukhi Rudraksha. It helps in proper blood circulation...

    View More
  • Mahamruthynjay Mala - Rudralife

    After experiencing the results of the Siddha Mala one can further enhance it by adding a 15, 16 and 17 mukhi Rudraksha...

    View More
  • Dhyan Yog Mala - Rudralife

    This is a very powerful combination of one bead each 1 Mukhi (Lord Shiva), Gauri Shankar, 9 Mukhi (Goddess Durga) and 11 Mukhi (Lord Hanuman) Rudraksha.

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  • Surya Power - Rudralife

    The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Aditya and the controlling planet is Sun. It is said to help in building name, fame, position,..

    View More
  • Agya Chakra - Rudralife

    Agya Chakra pendant has 14 Mukhi Rudraksha of Nepalese origin. This Rudraksha is the most sought after divine gem (Deva Mani).

    View More
  • Shiv mala - Rudralife

    This combination has 1 mukhi Rudraksha attached to small 5 mukhi Indonesian beads. It is said that this brings in a divine feeling of renunciation and detachment in an individual....

    View More
  • Shani Kantha - Rudralife

    7 mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalaxmi, hence this mala is very powerful for the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi and good for prosperity and material gains.

    View More
  • Kaalsarp Dosh Nivarak - Rudralife

    This is a powerful combination comprising of one bead each of 8 mukhi, 9 mukhi and a 10 mukhi Rudraksha it is believed that when worn together helps to pacify the malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu.....

    View More
  • Ganesh Laxmi Bandh - Rudralife

    This pendant is made up of two beads of 7 mukhi rudraksha and one bead of Ganesh rudraksha...

    View More
  • Durga Shakti Bracelet - Rudralife

    This bracelet is made of a 9 mukhi Rudraksha in the centre with 5 Mukhi Indonesian Beads and sphatik beads all around...

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  • Dosh Nivarak - Rudralife

    A combination of sphatik beads and one bead of 10 mukhi Rudraksha is believed to be powerful to ward off negativity, evil spirits and pacifies...

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