Rudraksha to Combat Depression.

Rudraksha to Combat Depression

A recently conveyed survey in Mumbai revealed an alarming rate of depression among the youth and those contemplating suicide has further aggravated the issue. This negative state of mind does not differentiate between any gender, caste, and class. The desire to excel in life, race against time to be on the top of the career graph, acquire maximum wealth in the shortest possible time and never-ending wants are the root causes of stress. Stress leads to worries, anxiety, agony and the inability to overcome it leads to depression.

In spite of taking several medicines and numerous visits to the psychiatrist, one fails to find relief from depression. Rudraksha beads can help to combat depression related issues to a great extent. Rudraksha beads are the holiest and extremely powerful. These natural beads emit a magnetic effect and produce a positive aura around the wearer. A citation from our ancient scripture says-

 “The Rudraksha wearer does not suffer from maladies and fears and is adorned by Siddhis. He stays contended as God himself”. 

To experience the cosmic energy of Rudraksha, simply place the bead centrally above the eyebrows. You will experience a divine energy permeating through your forehead. The energy created stimulates the rhythm of your body in tandem with the positive forces surrounding you. It will initiate a calming effect on your mind and rejuvenate you.

Rudraksha activates body cells and transmits an electronic signal to the mind. This is due to the divine touch of Rudraksha and its corresponding association with the mind. Each and every change in the thought process triggers a vibration within the physical body. When the mind is tuned with a positive thought, it remains there and tends to repeat itself. The whole system becomes automatic and the body now is in complete harmony with the mind.

Rudrakshas from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi through its various combinations usher in positivity and promote holistic development. Rudralife is the pioneer in providing genuine lab tested Nepal Rudraksha for the upliftment of mankind.


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