RAKSHA BANDHAN 26th Aug 2018


Every festival has its own charm and beauty. Be the vibrant colors of holi, the divine glow of Diwali, the dhols and masti of Gokulashtmi and so on. These festivals are where the entire family, relatives and friends come together and celebrate in unity. But the one festival that brings joy, love and respect for one another is “Raksha Bandhan”. This is a festival where the essence of love between a brother and sister multiples abundantly and the grievances if any nullifies forever. Being a unique relation, there may be elements of jealousy, rivalry, mischief, but never cruelty and malicious thoughts for one another.

In today’s scenario, where families are crumbling under duress, moral values  being blatantly violated and the distance across the geographical boundaries heightened, the pure sentiments attached to this festival needs to be enhanced. The ritual of decorating the thaal with haldi, kumkum and rice, applying tilak on the forehead of your adorable brother, tying the rakhi on his wrist,  and the childish look in the eyes of every sister to be showered with a present binds the duo in an emotional bond of self-less love. The warmth depicted in their relationship helps to fortify the entire family in togetherness.

About a month before the commencement of the festival, the market is inundated with colorful and the most attractive rakhis. No matter what type of rakhi a sister chooses for her brother, it is the sentiment that is invaluable. Even a simple silky thread is extremely precious for the brother. If the invaluable bond is further nourished by a power bead then it becomes the epitome of indestructible love.

The power bead Rudraksha is natural, sacred and divine. Each and every Rudraksha is a protection bead. A rakhi made of Rudraksha will bless the brother with a prolonged, healthy and prosperous life. Alternately, a brother can gift his sister with bracelets made of Ruraksha. The bracelets of Rudraksha will empower a sister with the Shakti of Goddess Durga and bless her too with health, wealth and prosperity. The ongoing holy month of Shravan makes it even more beneficial to the wearer as he or she comes under the direct influence of SHIVA.

So this Raksha Bandhan, tie a Rudraksha, the sacred bead of protection and nurture it with love and affection.

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