Rudraksha for Teenagers

Rudraksha for Teenagers

All grown-ups have very fond memories of their childhood. Childhood truly is a period of carefree abandon, of fun and games, of fairy tales and magnificent dreams. It is also a time of minimum responsibilities and cares. Almost all the needs are taken care of by the elders leaving enough time to enjoy the savories of life. It is a period of experiencing the best in life. But along with the pleasures there are pressures too to be taken care of. Due to lack of financial independence many a wish remains unfulfilled in this period.

Along with all the pleasures are the pressures especially when going through the difficult teenage years. There is a load of expectation from various sides including parents, teachers, friends and many others. The collective load of all these expectations creates pressures which goes a long way in taking away the pleasures which can otherwise be enjoyed in that period. Pressures from parents are of academic expectation which sometimes may not be commensurate with the child’s abilities. Children are many a time subjected to unfair comparison with peers leading to constant pressures being applied on the young mind. There are also compulsions to adhere to family and societal norms and constant scrutiny to check the compliance.

Pressures are also exerted by academics for whom the children end up as trophies to display their achievements. These constant pressures expose the rebellious streak and make the teens to stray away from the normal path and display deviant behavior. Physical changes that come about around this age leaves the teenagers confused and their thought process in disarray. If the support systems are shaky it becomes a situation of too many questions and too few answers. Peer pressure also plays a significant role in molding or breaking the character of the teenager.

Of the many things that can be helpful to teenagers to cope well with the challenges, is the age old natural power house called Rudraksha. There are Rudraksha which can be helpful in improving focus, concentration and memory. Rudraksha can also be useful in improving communication, expression and for excellent mind-control. Rudraksha can be an effective tool for improving self-image and confidence.

It’s imperative on the parents and all other elders who engage with these teenagers, to handle them with utmost care and sensitivity. It becomes very important to accommodate the views of these young minds also so that they don’t feel trampled upon. The treatment meted out to these youngsters should enhance their self-image and lead to improved self-respect. The Maturity with which they are dealt with may well decide the status they achieve in their adult life. This will also decide whether we have a stable society or a constantly disturbed one.

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