Lord Shiva / Shravan / Rudraksha (Repository of Auspiciousness)

The heart of monsoon encases the month of Shravan which marks the presence of Lord Shiva. He roams the land after leaving his abode in Kailash to bless his devotees generously. Now let us explore his connection to water and Rudraksha that uncovers a mystery that marks the Rudraksha as a repository of auspiciousness! The Monsoon heralds an abundance of rainfall to cool and energize Mother Earth. Water gently flows through the land and gives birth to abundant greenery. Water is an important element whose presence is felt in Shravan. The month of Shravan is considered very auspicious for all devotees of Lord Shiva. Now the element of water is very closely connected to him and his sacred bead called Rudraksha. As per scriptures Rudraksha are tears of compassion of the auspicious Lord Shiva. When drops of compassionate tears fell from his eye and touched Mother Earth, they turned into Rudraksha seeds. Each seed grew into Rudraksha trees which in turn grew more fruits finally resulting in the abundant supply of Rudraksha seeds. Thus Rudraksha get their origin from the eyes of Trinetra (Shiva) and water.

Lord Shiva is the only deity who could ensure that the sacred river Ganga would flow down gently from heaven to earth so that all life forms would not be washed away by her forceful, torrential descent. He gently entrapped her in his matted locks as she descended from heaven. The pure river Ganga became more purified as Lord Shiva is ever auspicious in nature. Again he displayed his ability to control a very powerful life giving element of nature that is water. The Shivling is sacred and worshipped by all devotees of Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan. It is a common practice to pour water on the Shivling while chanting Mantras during worship. Every Monday of Shravan is called as Shravan Somvaar which is extremely auspicious for worship of this desire fulfilling deity. Lord Shiva is Someshwar. The Rudram addresses him as Namah Somayacha, Rudraya! He is Soma (Moon). Soma rules the water cycles and tides in the ocean. Similarly Lord Shiva is the deity whose auspicious glance can ferry humans across the ocean of existence. Scriptures state that the Rudraksha beads when worn or worshipped can bless a human with Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The Nepal Rudraksha is considered to be of the best quality because they come from the region close to the Himalayan foot hills where the abode of Lord Shiva exists. They receive water which is very pure in nature and they grow in a cool pristine atmosphere.

Rudralife are pioneers in supplying the best quality of Nepal Rudraksha. Every time you purchase this auspicious bead we provide free Vedic mantra energization and unique Astro-numerology predictions. When the land is showered with rains each raindrop goes to a different place. Some fall into the soil, some on leaves, some into the ocean and some fill ponds and rivers. Just like every drop finds its place, every Rudraksha finds its wearer. If you wish to determine which Rudraksha is meant for you please visit us and consult our panel of experts. For this visit us, call us or email us!

You can simply log in to www.rudralife.com for further details and updates. We wish all our customers a very auspicious time in the holy month of Shravan and urge them to connect to the energy not of Lord Shiva by wearing, worshipping, gifting or donating the authentic Nepal Rudraksha whose benefits are mentioned in scriptures and backed by relevant scientific data.

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