Lunar Eclipse / Guru Purnima (A Prelude to Shravan)

Lunar Eclipse / Guru Purnima (A Prelude to Shravan)

Timing: 11.54 P.M. to 2. 49 A.M. on 27/07/2018. Sutak begins at 2.54 P.M.

Lunar eclipse / Chandra Grahan is a natural phenomenon. All through the world this phenomenon is viewed as mysterious, awe inspiring or with a light touch of fear. A lunar eclipse occurs on a full Moon day. Here the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon giving rise to a mysterious result called the eclipse. In Hinduism and Astrology the Chandra Grahan calls for certain steps to be taken.

  • It is advised to take a bath and chant Mantras during the time of eclipse.
  • Charity is also recommended during the eclipse.
  • People must refrain from consuming food or water during an eclipse.
  • It is advisable to avoid travelling during this time.
  • Leftover meals are not consumed even after eclipse is over.
  • Important work or deals are not made during this time.
  • No meals are offered to deities during this period.
  • Children, Senior citizens and pregnant women are advised to stay indoors to avoid the dense and negative vibrations of the eclipse.
  • Tulsi leaves and Durva grass are placed on food and water till the end of the eclipse.
  • Wearing the relevant Rudraksha beads or chanting on a Rudraksha Japamala is very auspicious.
  • Bathing after the eclipse and consuming fresh food is advisable.

Now why have these rules been passed on through the passage of time? What is the scientific reason to adhere to them? The answer to these questions lies in the Science of the phenomenon. Twelve hours prior to an eclipse the environment starts getting polluted and becomes dense. This heaviness affects the environment, living beings and the very air they breathe. This results in poor functioning of breathing and digestion during the eclipse. Rudraksha beads are known for their electromagnetic and paramagnetic properties. They act with the human energy field to improve breathing and blood circulation. Mysticism labels them as the auspicious tears of Lord Shiva. Since Lord Is ever auspicious his beads display the same traits. Rudraksha beads are multifaceted and each bead is blessed by a powerful deity in Hindu mythology. The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Ardhanareeshwar and controls the malefic effects of the Moon. The Gaurishankar Rudraksha of any Mukhi also controls the malefic effects of Moon. Any Rudraksha Mala can be used for chanting Mantras. The practice of sitting with the spine erect and moving the beads between thumb and ring finger using the finger tips stimulates blood circulation. Chanting Mantras during this act generates positive vibrations and improves breathing.

In Astrology it is believed that Rahu swallows Moon during the eclipse. Now the 8 Mukhi Rudraksha as well as the 16 Mukhi Rudraksha control the malefic effects of Rahu. It is to be noted that this year Chandra Grahan is on Guru Purnima. Lord Shiva is considered to be the Adi Guru or the Maha Guru. This year the eclipse exactly precedes the auspicious month of Shravan. During Shravan, Lord Shiva roams the land blessing his devotees. Now Eclipse itself is very auspicious for wearing a Rudraksha. It is truly wonderful that a day auspicious for wearing a Rudraksha serves as a prelude to the month of Auspiciousness (Shravan). Those who wear, gift, donate or worship a Rudraksha are immediately under the vigilant and benevolent gaze of Mahadev. He immediately blesses his devotees as he is pleased to see them wearing his divine beads. Rudralife welcomes its customers to purchase this divine bead on this unusual, rare natural occurrence. We provide the best quality Nepal Rudraksha in accordance with science and scriptures. Remember to avail our free Astro-numerology services from a panel of experts. We also provide energization of the bead with Vedic Mantras. So email us, call us or log in to for further details.

Note: The best results of chanting relevant Beeja Mantras on Rudraksha give best results during Pradosh, Eclipse, Poornima, Amavasya or on Pushya Nakshatra especially if it is on a Thursday.

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