Rudraksha is a rare gift of nature to mankind. It is a link between heaven and earth, between man and God. It is for this reason that Rudraksha is the object of reverence and adoration and a source to reach the higher self too.


In Shrimad Devibhagwat, the following description is given with regard to origin of Rudraksha on Earth, as narrated by Lord Shiva Himself to his son Kartikeya:

“In olden times, a demon named Tripurasur won over all Devtas and killed many of them. Lord Brahma and Vishnu, along with others, approached me to get rid of him. I looked out for a weapon and identified Aghor, which was powerful and full of fire and meant to overcome Tripurasur. In order to accomplish the task, I had meditated for 1000 divine years keeping my eyes closed. When opened, from my tired eyes, tears rolled down on to the Earth and took the form of Rudraksha trees.”

Shiv Puran also gives a similar version as told by Lord Shiva:

“Long back, I did penance (tapa), keeping control over the mind and body. I became distressed seeing the suffering of the mankind and I closed my eyes to think of a solution. Then, tears rolled down from my eyes and wherever these fell, mighty trees sprung up. These trees got the name Rudraksha and assumed the role of saviours of mankind. “

Whatever be the theory behind the origin, Rudraksha is undoubtedly a wonder bead, a divine gift of Lord Shiva to the mankind, though wearing Rudraksha may have different objectives for people but so far the opinion of most Rudrakshausers (either wearing the same or using the Rudraksha in any other form) is that its benefits are multifarious. For thousands of years Rudraksha have been used in Ayurveda as a medicinal bead either in paste or powder form, for herbal preparations, both as a preventive and as a curative medicine. It finds mention in ancient texts like Charaka Samhita. Wearing of different Mukhis (facets) of Rudraksha has proved to be beneficial for preventing as well as controlling of many of the diseases and ailments like mind-related disorders, headaches, anxiety, blood-pressure, high/low sugar level, throat, heart, liver, kidney etc. The Sages of the old knew these wonderful effects of Rudraksha and used the same to live a life free of diseases. The modern world too, is now getting acquainted with the healing and medicinal properties of Rudraksha and many researches have been and are being carried out to reveal the facts behind these properties of the Rudraksha for the benefit of mankind.

In this book, it is our endevour to bring before the readers the various medicinal and clinical benefits of Rudraksha, as compiled from various ancient texts and researches from the modern medicinal world.

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