Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Since time immemorial all men and women have had a fascination for the future. People irrespective of their perspective to life have this fascination. The optimist looks at the future as a time and place where all the problems will be solved where as for the pessimist it may well be a wasteland where all the dreams will be dashed. This fascination peaks near every New Year which many view as an opportunity for a fresh beginning.

It should be no different this year too with millions holding billions of hopes and dreams in their hearts hoping for their fulfillment in the coming year. The year 2019 promises to be a year of intelligence, technological advancements, spiritual awakening and one which will offer guidance for shaping a better future. The United Nations has dedicated 2019 to raising awareness about languages of indigenous peoples all over the world and hence the New Year is about languages of indigenous people. So it is about going back to the roots.

The year is supposed to lack financial prosperity, but this only provides us an opportunity to design strategies that could improve things. There are indications of hard work, necessity to adopt new strategies, to avoid taking risks and to be well informed, but also to attract prosperity using the right remedies. There are hopes of advances in Medicine with new discoveries which will help extend people’s lives, and make life more comfortable.

All across the world there will be attempts by men of influence to take major steps for betterment of the earth. There will be increased awareness about the environment and on attempts to take steps at preserving and uplifting it. While it is assumed that change remains the only constant, there will be continued hope and aspiration of a better future in the approaching New Year. There are enough pointers to show that the approaching New Year will be one of hope, aspirations and growth

Happy New Year.

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