Akshaya Tritiya 2017

Akshaya Tritiya 2017

Akshay Tritiya is said to bring good luck and success. This day is very auspicious and abundantly blessed by lord Vishnu with his consort Goddess Laxmi. This is the day for good deeds, good purchases, good beginnings and good fortune. As per mythology the Sun and moon are at their glorious best, shining and pouring their rays on people with benevolence. It is no wonder that this day falls on the third day of the Shukla Paksha. Every moment of this day is auspiciously blessed without any malefic effects. Worshipping lord Ganesha first followed by worship of Laxmi with Narayana is believed to usher in a golden period filled with fortune, stability and good luck. This day is called Akkha Teej, Sukal Tritiya and Akshay Tadige. Some people believe that Goddess Durga rests after slaying the demons during this period from Chaitra to Vaishaakh. Akshay means eternal, continuous and imperishable. A single word sums up the qualities of divine and people often buy Gold on this day to celebrate divine fortune.

Rudraksha are from the eyes of lord Shiva as per mythology. When his tears touched earth, the Rudraksha tree grew to give mankind the divine Rudraksha seeds. A Rudraksha seed has metaphysical healing properties as per Puranas. When these seeds were lab tested; the results not only established their electromagnetic properties but also revealed that they had traces of gold. Have you ever heard the saying “All that glitters is not gold”. Here was something from the eyes of Shiva, found in nature that did not glitter but contained traces of gold. Gold was the favorite metal of Gods and Rudraksha the favorite seed of lord Shiva. It is no wonder that wearing or purchasing a Rudraksha on this day was considered extremely auspicious. Rudraksha can be found in nature and are multifaceted. Each Rudraksha is blessed by a deity from the Hindu pantheon. A combination of Rudraksha can be worn strung in thread, gold or silver. Any which way the wearer gets the benefit of blessings from all the Gods plus Shiva , the God of Gods( Mahadev) when a Rudraksha is purchased and worn on Akshay Tritiya.

On this day purchases, temple visits, charity give good results but wearing a Rudraksha and doing the same will magnify the results as per Shastras because a Rudraksha can draw divine energy towards the wearer to usher in positivity. Rudraksha exist from 1 to 21 mukhi (faces) and can be worn individually or in combination. Also a specific Rudraksha is known to give you better results according to your birthday. At Rudralife we supply good quality of Rudraksha and provide free Astro-numerology recommendations to give best results to each of our customers. Exclusive power combinations of Rudraksha can be made to suit your needs. If you wish to match it with Gold we have the product but if you simply wish to wear it strung in a thread know that you are still wearing something that also contains gold.

This Akshay Tritiya access the blessings from the golden rays of the sun, the silver rays of the moon, the brightness of the beautiful Goddess Laxmi, the protection of Lord Narayana ,the benevolence of lord Shiva after having your obstacles removed by Lord Ganesha in one simple move. Buy best quality of Rudraksha from us. We offer free puja services with our product to empower the wearer with the magical shielding of divine mantras. So log in to www.rudralife.com or call us. If you wish to visit us on this day please call us earlier in the week. Come and celebrate with us by purchasing and wearing a Rudraksha to usher in a golden, blessed era in your divinely guided life.