navratri at rudralife

Navratri Celebrations at Rudralife

The period of Navratri is one of great festivity and celebration. It was no different at Rudralife.  The festival of Navratri began on the first day of the शुक्ल पक्ष (the bright fortnight.) of the lunar month Ashwin, It was marked with great revelry and pomp, and along with this there was the worship of the divine Mother in various forms under different names.

The celebrations @Rudralife

.This nine-day festival began with the घटस्थापना on the 1st day and each day was marked by the recitation of “शप्तशती पाठ” which consists of 13 अध्याय(chapters). The recitation was repeated on all days. Daily rituals also involved Maha- Abhishek, Kumkum- Archana, Maha- Aarti and distribution of Mahaprasad to all present. The rituals ended on Dusshera or Vijayadasami with the हवन on the last day .This is a celebration of victory of good over evil and urges mankind to wake up from the deep slumber of ignorance, ward off negativities, purify the mind and soul and cultivate positive virtues. Rudraksha provides the energy to ward off negativities, purify the mind and achieve growth and well-being to all. Adding a touch of colour was how the Devi was adorned in nine different colours on the nine days. This was like seeing a different avatar of the Devi each day. Each colour that the Devi wore seemed to dissipate a different type of energy. The recitation of the mantras along with the puja ritual and the havan seemed to be cleansing the atmosphere and instilling positive vibes which could be really felt by all present.

Exhibitions during the Navratri:-

The Navratri like other festivals is also a time for spiritual pursuits, offering and wearing rudraksha. Keeping this in mind, Rudralife is organizing an exhibition cum sale of rudraksha with the Central Cottage Industries Corporation at their Emporium on Janpath, New Delhi. The event will be from 6th October to 16th October 2016 (Sundays open).The atmosphere at the office was also energized by arrival of new people seeking the power of Rudraksha.

The nine days of puja culminated with the grand celebration of Dussehra, which celebrates the victory of good over evil .As always at Rudralife Navratri is just not a festival but a period of helping people in empowering their lives