Ananta Chaturdashi (Sept 5, 2017)

Ananta Chaturdashi is an auspicious day for Hindus. This day is dedicated to Lord Ananta (Vishnu). In sacred scriptures Lord Vishnu is addressed as Shunya (zero) and later on as Ananta (Infinite). Here he is considered to be the supreme protector with zero defects and infinite good attributes. The Ananta Chaturdashi Vrat is followed for 14 consecutive years to procure marital bliss and prosperity.

Ananta Chaturdashi is also the last day of the grand festival of Lord Ganesh. It is the 10th day after Ganesh Chaturthi that falls on the bright day of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. In Maharashtra huge idols of Lord Ganesh are submerged into water with music, grandeur and chants of “Ganpati Bappa Morya”. It is believed that this procedure takes away all the problems of the devotees and blesses them with peace, harmony and prosperity. People have to wait for a year to welcome Ganesh back into their lives.

When you need to connect to divinity the most common option comes in the form of a divination. Rudraksha is a divination formulated by Lord Shiva himself. These are natural seeds found in nature. They are multifaceted and each facet is blessed by a deity from the Hindu pantheon. The 10 mukhi Rudraksha represents Narayana, Krishna and the ten Avatars of Vishnu. The 8 mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesh and the Ganesh Rudraksha resembles his form. When there is a void at the closure or end of any celebration; buying and wearing these Rudraksha close to your heart is a continuous reminder of the infinite presence of God in your life.

Lord Shiva is known to be ever auspicious, without any attributes and the purest of energies. The Shivaling, Vibhuti and Rudraksha are his gifts of purity to mankind. Anybody associated with any of the three by way of contact was known to experience Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha as per scriptures. Scientific testing of these divine seeds proved their alchemical magnetic properties that influence the human body.

When you choose to tie a red thread to your wrist on this occasion, you can choose to string a Rudraksha combination in it. The Rudraksha are also worn on wrist points to maximize flow of breath and blood as per Shastras and research.  Rudralife is an organization dedicated to supplying high quality of this divine catalyst that is accompanied by an ISO tested lab authenticity certificate. The Rudraksha supplied by us aims to capture the pure, infinite attributes of God that can bless human life with obstacle free beginnings and successful outcomes. This year Ananta Chaturdashi falls on a Tuesday and what better day to wear a combination that powerfully connects you to Lord Ganesha, Vishnu and Shiva. You can avail our festive discounts, free Astro- numerology services once you purchase our product. So call us, email us, visit us or simply log in to

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