Scientific Research on Rudraksha

Scriptures have described the effects and properties of Rudraksha. Over the years millions have benefitted from Rudraksha in various ways. Various experiences of people around the globe have established the healing powers of Rudraksha. But the scientific evidence was always needed to strengthen the belief. There were several health benefits of Rudralife, but the scriptures could not provide evidence for this.Hence lack of scientific evidence was a hurdle in creating awareness regarding health benefits of Rudraksha. So there was an urgent need to get scientific evidence about effects of Rudraksha.

This task was taken up by Rudralife. Helping Rudralife in this mission was Mrs.Archana Juvekar, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. She had to her credit research on Pre-clinical Pharmacodynamics activity evaluation in diseases related to Inflammation Immunomodulation Hepatoprotective Central Nervous System Cardio Vascular System diseases and Toxicology. Therefore it was an honor when she agreed to do research on various therapeutic properties of Rudraksha.

The research concentrated on six distinct areas. They were

  1. Evaluation of Cardio protective Activity of Rudraksha in Experimental Rats.
  2. Antidiabetic Activity Evaluation of Rudraksha Powder in Experimental Animals.
  3. Evaluation of Antihypertensive Activity of Rudraksha in experimental rats.
  4. Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Rudraksha in experimental Rats.
  5. Evaluation of Nootropic Activity (Memory enhancement) of Rudraksha and Mercury in Experimental Mice
  6. Acute Toxicity study of Rudraksha powder in mice.

In conclusion, the research scientifically proved what has mentioned in scriptures ages ago. It just provided scientific proof of the Therapeutic properties of Rudraksha under clinically controlled conditions. It proved that Rudraksha could be useful in treating many an ailment afflicting human beings. It highlighted the Cardio protective, Anti-diabetic, Anti – Hypertensive, Anti-inflammatory, and Nootropic and Anti-toxic properties of Rudraksha. It is quite clear that Rudraksha could be used to treat adverse health conditions mentioned above and in improving memory and concentration. Rudraksha since ages has been referred to as a wonderful gift of nature to mankind. Now this has been confirmed by strong scientific evidence

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