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About Us

Our Founder

Shri Tanay Seetha founded Rudralife in the year 2001. Born in a family having devotion to Lord Shiva and Lord Rama since an early age, he was intrigued and fascinated by the teachings and experiences of ancient Indian Sciences and scriptures taught by his father- a Renowned Vedic Scholar. His First hand experience on Rudrakshas was when he started wearing them at a tender age and experienced their magical results. He went on to graduate in Electrical Engg in the year 1992, and worked in Indian and Multinational companies in Indonesia for Six years before returning to India and venturing into the business of Textiles trading and Plastic manufacturing. All this while his hobby of collecting different varieties of Rudrakshas and experiencing their results continued and the result was a compilation of various facts / testing methods / scriptural interpretations which led him to start on the mission of educating people on the benefits and merits of Rudrakshas under the banner of  Rudralife
In the process of meeting people from all walks of life along the length and breadth of the country, he came in contact with eminent Astrologers and Numerologists who gave further beneficial insights on recommending the mukhis. This fusion of thoughts resulted in a recommending strategy which has benefited thousands of people worldwide and has brought Rudrakshas on a global platform.
Several personalities from the fields of Politics, Business, Arts and other areas have come in contact with him and have immensely benefited by his recommendations and knowledge. His presence on TV shows like GURUKUL on Star Plus and regular coverage on the national news networks like STAR NEWS, ZEE NEWS, SAHARA SAMAY, DD NEWS etc further helped in spreading this mission to the masses.
His thirst for enhanced knowledge keeps him regularly involved in researches on this multi faceted bead.
Recommendation Panel
Under the guidance of Shri Tanay Seetha, Rudralife has a team of Recommenders who have been trained in Rudraksha Therapy so that more
and more people can be benefited from this knowledge.
Smt  Hemlata  Sojitra 
Shri  Rajaneesh  Mardolkar 
Shri Dhruv Sinha 
Smt Madhulika Namboodri
Shri Akash Mishra
Smt Vidisha Upadhyay

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Rudralife has held 450 exhibitions all over the world and interacted with lacs of people till date. Our organization has been a pioneer in recommending the right Rudrakshas for your overall growth success and well being. The recommendations are based on the date of birth and the purpose of query and they are provided by an exclusive panel of highly experienced experts.

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